My bucket list visuals


The first picture is of my visual representation for the project. I used a frame and out chicken wire on the back and used clips to hold on my bucketlist items. I also made an animoto video to help show all of the items on the list.


9 thoughts on “My bucket list visuals

  1. I like the song you chose for your video! I also love that your now what is similar to mine in the sense of travelling! What makes you like the Chicago Blackhawks?


  2. I like how you made an animoto video for us to see but also made a visual representation for yourself that you can keep in your house to remind you of the things you want to do. When watching your video there was a couple items I saw that I was like oh I should have put that on my list! For example having a food fight, I’ve always wanted to do that.


  3. Great job! I agree, it sucks that a lot of goals people have in life don’t get accomplished because they cost so much money. It’s good that you are on the right track and determined to accomplish your trip. It will be worth all the saving up in the end.


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