My bucket list visuals


The first picture is of my visual representation for the project. I used a frame and out chicken wire on the back and used clips to hold on my bucketlist items. I also made an animoto video to help show all of the items on the list.


bonus for the bucket list


This is a picture of Ellie from our creative writing class. For her whole time that she has been here she has been trying to go to a lacrosse game! Finally yesterday I helped her check that off her bucket list at the boys city championship game. It was really fun to get the chance to share a new experience with Ellie and hope she had fun watching the game! I helped her check this off the list because I have watched lacrosse before and find it a very interesting sport and wanted to be able to share the sport with someone else. Also it just happened to be the same game that I was going to watch as well.

bucket list project: now what

One main ambition I have told myself will be accomplished within the next few years is #4) Travel to Chicago and #5) watch a Blackhawks game in Chicago. I have recently started putting away 20$ from each pay check that I get. This way by the time I graduate high school and start university I will be on a plane to watch one of the beginning NHL games of the season. One of my best friends who loves the Windy City is going to accompany me on this trip. I fell in love with Chicago 6 years ago when I started watching a few of their games every now and then. Soon I just started to watch all of their games and started looking up things about the city. I realized that it looks like a beautiful city despite the wind. My dream has always been to get the chance to go their and watch a game in their arena. I can’t wait till I can cross these 2 things off my bucket list because they are definitely the 2 that mean the most to me.

pa #34 dragon boat

On Sunday I had my 3rd dragon boat competition! It was a lot of fun other then the fact it rained a few times. I love doing the competition because it’s a fun way to hangout with everyone and be able to have some nice weather outside. Although we didn’t make the finals and got hailed on it was a really fun time and I can’t wait until next year!!

pa #33 happy place

This is a picture from one of my happy places. This is a little place in Headingley on a pair of train tracks. Just sitting on the tracks watching the sun go down is one of the most relaxing things. For me I love to be in the country away from all the city commotion and this place allows me to do that. Whenever I need a pick me up that’s where I usually go.

authors note bucket list

My bucket list contains my aspirations to travel, meet new people, and live on the edge doing adventurous activities. I am a normal kid that has the dream of seeing so many other places and doing things that might make me scared out of my mind. The reason that I want to travel so much and find my own 7 wonders of the world is because I want to see everything that our world has to offer. I know that there are so many beautiful places to find that I just want to see something other then our flat ground. I think that by making this bucket list it is going to push me to actually accomplish what’s on the list. I find that I love to do crazy things because I usually half think about the consequences and just hope I don’t get in trouble. But no doubt I always remember those wild adventures and that’s why my bucket list contains a lot of adventurous things I want to continue to do. There is also a lot of helping other people on it because I would rather do something amazing for someone else then waste money on something stupid. I just want to help people have a good life and make their days a little better. That is why I have making an impact on someone’s life and go on a relief to help build schools and houses. I just know that doing this will help better me as a person and can’t wait to accomplish this list. So the real question you have to think about is what do you want to do before you die?

My bucket list

bucket list:
1. Jump out of a moving plane
2. have an important impact on someone’s life.
3. travel to Greece
4. Go to Chicago
5. Watch a Blackhawks game in Chicago
6. Ride a dirt bike
7. Be in a rodeo.
8. have a shopping spree in sports check
9. conquer a mountain a Siberian husky and name it Alaska
11. build a house in the country
12. have a food fight
13. be in a flash mob
14. find a place no one else has ever been
15. throw a pitch in a MLB game
16. help save a life
17. run a marathon
18. get my own shark tooth
19. buy an old f-150
20. go on a relief to help build schools and houses
21. watch my kids grow up
22. own a horse
23. get a college degree
24. watch the sun rise
25. see Niagara Falls
26. leave the continent
27. have my grandparents at my graduation
28. learn to play the guitar
29. touch the Stanley cup
30. meet Jonathan Toews
31. Go on a road trip across Canada with my friends
32. go surfing
33. travel to Australia
34. have my own house
35. go snowboarding
36. finish a book series
37. catch a huge fish
38. get a scholarship
39. be confident in myself
40. be in the pit for a nascar race
41. learn a complete strangers story
42. play paintball
43. get my industrial pierced
44. pet a giraffe
45. go bungee jumping
46. get a tattoo
47. go to country fest
48. start and finish Harry Potter in 1 day
49. donate my hair for wigs
50. be apart of a non profit organization
51. back pack through Europe
52. dye my hair a crazy colour
53. see the 7 wonders of the world
54. visit Alcatraz
55. plant a tree ✅
56. go scuba diving
57. touch the wailing wall in Israel
58. make my parents proud

pa#32 horoscope

I have always been fairly sceptical of people reading their horoscopes because I never thought it was true. But now I have had a shift on how I think about my horoscope. I have started to read it every day that I can find time and it isn’t always right but I have found that it sometimes is. I began reading them and actually having some faith in them when my friend told me about this great website that hers was almost always right. I became intrigued by what she had said and tried it and just happened to believe it. I’m not sure wether or not it actually is real but the way it coincides with my life is sort of cool.

pa#31 camping

Today I finally booked my first camping trip for this summer and I couldn’t be more excited. I’m going camping for my birthday when I’m done exams to falcon lake! I love it there and it is such a beautiful lake I can’t wait to be with all my friends. It will be a perfect way to start off the summer.

Short Story: A Horrible New Beginning

A Horrible New Beginning

It’s my fourth day of agony being stranded in the most dreadful place in the world. Being stuck 1 hour from a big city and 2 miles from the closest neighbor with no Wi-Fi or service. This is my worst nightmare and I am praying I will wake up any minute. Sadly I don’t.

As I walk down the broken creaky old wood stairs I see the ugly green flat view from my new dining room window. This old white farm house creeks and cracks from 1 blow by the wind. Once you step outside the front door you smell moss, old hay and dirty animals. It makes my nose hurt so much that I miss the smell of my Chanel perfume. I still haven’t seen 1 car kick up dust on this dirt road yet. Now I’m starting to assume that there is no one around and I’m stuck giving my dad the silent treatment all alone. Within the last year my and I’s relationship has hit the ultimate rock bottom. With the struggles of everything that has gone on within the year it has driven a wedge between us.

As I start to rethink of that dreadful day last November my train of thought is broken by my dad’s call. “What dad…” I say sourly.

“Get dressed, we have pigs and chicken to feed.” He says cheerily which makes me dread this place even more.

“Ha dad that’s funny if I do that I’ll break a nail and I’m sure this fantastic little town doesn’t have a nail salon. Have fun!” My answer I can tell hits a rough spot with my dad and yet I feel no remorse for my tone or attitude.

As I go back inside this crappy broken house I fall into my bed on my back as my bed absorbs my little body like clouds. As I lay in my bed, weak, the thought of what my friends may be doing rushes over me. They’re probably all shopping in the big windy city carrying large bags with expensive purchases. I would kill to be with them, having all eyes on me again. I still can’t believe my dad is so selfish taking me away from all of my friends and popularity.

Let me take you back to the day this monstrosity of an idea started… It was exactly one week before my graduation and I came home from purchasing the most amazing sparkly aqua blue dress when I saw my dad sitting at our way to long dinner table. I ask “dad what are you doing is everything okay?” However I already knew that he wasn’t okay since it was only 7 months ago the worst day happened.

My dad responded with “I quit my job and we are moving to the country outside of Iowa. You know we need this new start.”

I stood their stunned of what my ears had heard and before I could calm down I screamed out of rage. “DAD YOU QUIT THE BEST LAW FIRM IN CHICAGO TO GO LIVE WITH HICKS!!!! YOU EXPECT ME TO LEAVE EVERYTHING! GOOD JOKE!” In disbelief of everything I ran out of our grand beautiful entrance with freezing black marble floor and broke down. When my dad tried to comfort me all I did was push him away and run back into my room. I looked around at my overly large room I grew up in, at the purple and white walls covered in photos and cork boards and realized I can’t leave all of these memories and the walk in closet.

The next few days were slow and hard trying to ignore my dad packing our lives away. But I try to fall asleep. On grad day my dad and I only exchanged a few words.  Once I received my diploma he came up to me and said proudly “congrats honey she would’ve been so proud of you.” All I did was nod and walk away because each interaction led to another fight about the stupid move.

When the agonizing day came for the big move I tried to not leave my room because I didn’t want to deal with having to leave. As I tie up my long curly brown hair into a messy bun I slip on her sweater and a pair of blue Guess jeans. I walk down our grand staircase and step outside into the early morning wind. As it hits my face I noticed my friends aren’t around me hugging and crying. I imagine how they would’ve said “oh Rebecca what are we going to do without you.”

And my response would’ve been in a sassy sort of way “oh ladies I don’t know how you will manage without me either, but no worries I’ll be back soon.” Then I rethink why they aren’t here and realize that I know it is too early for them to emerge from their beauty sleep.

As I sit in our new Range Rover I take it all in for the last time. Our big black and brown modern house with light brown pillars with a large glass door all empty behind it. With our large pool in the back emptied with the fountains dry and shimmering clean I think of when I’ll get to come back home to my real home with all of the crazy memories.

That is when the 7 hour road trip began to a place I never wanted to go. Then I arrived to this horrific nightmare called a house.

As I look out my small “new” window in the far distance I see a blue piece of junk on wheels. As it is kicking up dust behind it all I can think of is who it could be….